Winter blues

We have all heard of the Winter Blues and most of us have experienced them at some point. The waning light of our winter takes a toll on our minds and bodies at the very point where we are expending extra effort to cope with colder temperatures and the added workload this entails. Without some effort to counteract the effects we can find ourselves doing less, feeling worse, and without the reserve energy to cope with life challenges as they arise.

We at the Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre offer a wide range of services including massage, acupuncture, kinesiology, occupational therapy, sensory treatments, and flotation therapy as well as a wide range of counselling services to reenergise and/or correct problems as they arise. Spend the time to protect yourself from the ravages of winter. It’s your mind, your body, and your life – choose wellness today by booking an appointment and spend your time wisely.