Float Therapy FAQ’s


How Is Hygiene Maintained In The Float Pods?

The tremendous amount of saline content of the float environment protects against harmful contaminants and ensures that nothing can survive in the pod. The water utilized in the float pod is circulated through an automated filtration system that must complete five stages of cleaning between each client (24 hours a day, 7 days a week when not in use) and also passes through UV light filters to provide a clean and relaxing atmosphere for self-reflection. The remainder of the float pod room environment is maintained with eco-friendly disinfectant and cleaning products.

Can I Fall Asleep?

This is a very common as many of our float clients do often fall asleep, either by accident due to poor sleep patterns or on purpose to experience a deep and restful stillness like no other. Research suggests that for some, just one hour of floatation therapy can be equivalent to 4-6 hours of deep sleep. Many of our clients suffering from insomnia have discovered and achieved relief through floating here at The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre.

Do I Float Nude Or In A Bathing Suit?

Most clients choose to float in the nude, but some prefer wearing their bathing suit - either are acceptable but please keep in mind that bathing suits can become constricting and possibly intrusive during your float, creating barriers to relaxation and healing.

I’m Claustrophobic. Can I Float?

Absolutely! Unlike traditional float tanks of the past, our unique pod design creates an inviting and comfortable environment with the illusion of vastness without feeling confined. Remember, here at The Compass Rose, you are always in control of your float experience and can choose to exit your session at any time.

I Can’t Swim - Will I Drown?

No; the 1100 lbs of magnesium-rich epsom salt makes the water so buoyant that it is nearly impossible not to stay afloat.

Can Children Float?

Sensory reductions experienced through floatation therapy can greatly benefit children growing up in our society today, overwhelmed by sensory and the persistent input of stimuli from technology. In particular, conditions such as autism, ADHD, anxiety and sensory processing issues can be worsened by this overabundance of sensory input.

Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian in the float rooms. Pediatric float therapy sessions can produce results within even a few minutes exposure, creating opportunities for learning and developing grounding and mindfulness practices.

Can I Float If I Recently Dyed My Hair?

We would recommend waiting until the dye has had the opportunity to fully adhere to your hair, because unfortunately if it hasn’t, there is a possibility that the float water solution could remove it. Often we advise float clients to wash their freshly dyed hair several times (5-7 minimum) before engaging in float therapy.

Do I Need To Remove My Contacts Before Floating?

We recommend removing contact lenses before you float as the high concentration of salt water may irritate/dry them, causing discomfort and intruding on your time for peace and tranquility. 

I’m Pregnant - Can I Float?

Many women have found float therapy to be highly beneficial, particularly during their second and third trimesters. It works to relax and alleviate sore and strained muscles during pregnancy as further demand is placed upon the mother’s body. The apparent zero-gravity experience allows for relief from the constant strain and pressure felt during the gestational period, allowing the magnesium-rich epsom salt solution to provide reductions in inflammation and stress and promoting positive sleep patterns. The sensory-reduced environment experienced during the practice of float therapy often provides soon-to-be moms with a sense of renewal and peace that can continue to provide strength through the remainder of gestation and postpartum periods.

*Pregnant women should consult with their physicians before floating to decide if floatation therapy is right for you and your baby*

How Often Should I Float?

The therapeutic gains of floatation therapy typically last beyond that day and while some clients benefit from floating daily, we recommend regular sessions, as many of our clients discover floating once or twice a week to produce the best possible results.

Do I Need To Bring Anything?

Some float clients with longer hair choose to bring a comb and hair ties for after their float. We provide everything you will need to enjoy your float therapy experience.

Do I Need To Stay In The Whole Time?

The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre is centered around choice. At any point during your float you may choose to exit the pod as there are no latches or locks on the pod door, operating solely by the use of hydraulic arms that effortlessly lift the pod door open and/or closed at your convenience and with ease.

Can Two People Float In The Same Pod Together?

No. Float therapy is a solitary practice, meant for self-reflection as an opportunity to “reset” the mind, body and spirit. The high buoyancy level in the pod creates an inviting sensation of weightlessness unparalleled by other treatment models, which ultimately is highlighted by its unique ability for self-discovery and self-actualization.

Having someone else floating next to you would be immensely intrusive and counterproductive in facilitating any relaxation and/or mindfulness practices. We want you to achieve the best possible results, so floating at The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre is always an individual and private experience unmatched by other treatment modalities.


Your Float Therapy Session



Plan to arrive at The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre 10-20 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Our front desk team members will greet you at the door and welcome you into our “Chillax Area”, where you will be offered a complimentary beverage while you relax and enjoy the placid atmosphere and inviting ambiance of the centre. Our team members will direct you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

Once guided to your float pod room, shower, relax and allow floating to take you away to a place of rejuvenation and renewal, unique only to your float therapy experience here, at The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre.

“Life Happens...And We Can Help!”

Time To Float

“Life Happens…And We Can Help!”

“Life Happens…And We Can Help!”


Floatation Therapy



Your floatation therapy experience begins in your private room, with a lock on the door, so you may choose to float in a bathing suit or in the nude - either is acceptable, although most find floating nude to be preferable as bathing suits become heavy once saturated with the epsom salt and magnesium solution.

The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre provides you with the necessities required for the practice of floatation therapy such as towel, washcloth, robe, slippers, earplugs, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and petroleum jelly (in case of cuts or skin abrasions). The Compass Rose team recommends that each client use the restroom before entering into your session, as having to abruptly leave your float for an emergency restroom visit could be highly intrusive to the overall float experience. We maintain, that our number one priority is client satisfaction and our goal is to be the catalyst in helping facilitate the most rewarding and relaxing wellness experience for each and every client who walks through our doors.



Relax, Rejuvenate and Renew…

Once you have been directed to your float pod room, our team member will share with you how to customize the lighting and sound options available to you in the pod, so you will be familiar with all controls should you decide to change it during your float. Once your team member has exited the room, they will begin your session by indicating start on our wireless control panel at the front desk. Your time to float begins with a quick cleansing shower after securing the lock on your private float room. Next, climb into bliss as you effortlessly enter into the warm and inviting climate.

During your float, utilize deep breathing and mindfulness practices that provide grounding and promote relaxation. Slow, methodical, deep breathing encourages deeper states of relaxation and helps support you moving through the mental chatter of everyday living. In today’s society, it is difficult but imperative to provide yourself with opportunities to strengthen mindfulness practices and relax by unplugging from devices and “gearing down” and floatation therapy is a great opportunity to enhance these practices.


“Chillax Area” @ The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre

- Complimentary beverages and free wi-fi available -

“Life Happens...And We Can Help!”

Relax and enjoy the ambiance of our “Chillax Area”

Relax and enjoy the ambiance of our “Chillax Area”


After You Float

After You Float - Post-Float Instructions And Observations

Once your float session is complete, enjoy the ambiance of our “Chillax Area”, where you will discover complementary beverage options and free wi-fi access while you observe and experience the therapeutic outcomes typically associated with “floating”. Many clients report experiencing physical sensations during and after floatation therapy that mirror the effects felt through receiving a deep tissue massage, taking a restful nap or soaking in a soothing bath. Your mind and body will thank you with feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed by the many healing outcomes achieved through floatation therapy here exclusively at The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre.

Most “floaters” report experiencing 3-5 days of restful sleep following a float, with some “floaters” reporting up to a month of improved sleep patterns. Float clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water after floating as the dense concentration of epsom salt and magnesium tends to have a strong detox effect as the toxins are released (such as Cortisol - the main stress hormone) from your system. We encourage “floaters” to find time to rest and contemplate their body/mind changes to see what they notice following the float. Top off your experience with a massage (RMT or chair massage) to get the full relaxation experience you deserve. 

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