Water Quality

The Float Pod® has a pressurized, 24 hour filtration system to maximize pump performance and ensure maximum filtration, when the Pod is not in use. During a float session the filter is off. The Float Pod® also contains a unique in wall skimmer basket that intercepts large debris such as hair and prevents clogging of the filter cartridge. 100% of the water is pushed through the filter with absolutely no water bypass.  Between each float the water is circulated three to four times, in a 15 minute period. 

When ozone is combined with germicidal UV light to create an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), you have the best of both worlds. Unlike harsh chemicals, ozone does not create dangerous byproducts, corrosion or disposal issues; it leaves behind ordinary oxygen. The AOP system produces even stronger oxidation and an additional layer of protection beyond the capability of the ozone alone.  In addition, hydrogen peroxide is used in conjunction to enhance the sanitation of our crystal clear and clean water.  Hydrogen peroxide is completely safe and the byproduct of it’s break down is water and oxygen. 

The Float Pod® will maintain a constant temperature when floating with its Theta Wave Heater technology. This heater has been specially made for the float environment to not disturb the customer.

The Float Pod® water is kept to high standards by our onsite water specialist.  We are confident in the quality of water and uphold to all provincial and federal regulations.  If you have any further questions regarding water quality please feel free to call, email, or drop by.  We would be glad to answer any questions you may have. 

Mike Buckley