Massage Therapy

Here at The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre we believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy body through rest and relaxation.  One of the best known ways to keep our bodies, mind, and spirit healthy is to take part in Therapeutic Message.  Our qualified massage therapists are here to listen to you and make a plan of action that best suits your needs and goals to obtain better health.  Below you will find a list of our current massage therapists and what their specialties are.

Amy Hicks @ The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre

Amy Hicks

Registered Massage therapist &

Kinesiologist & Osteopathic Student

RMT & K.KinH & Osteopathic Student

I offer therapeutic massages. I have experience working with individuals presenting with: traumatic injuries (i.e. motor vehicle accident, sporting, & workplace injuries), low back pain, anxiety, migraines/headaches, digestive complaints/IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, & many more complaints. I work with all tissue presentations (i.e. muscle tightness, strains, sprains, swelling, etc.) to optimize your health and happiness by providing a holistic intervention.

I also specialize in working with adults and children with a variety of special needs. To learn more about these services