The compass rose in our logo reflects the philosophy of the centre. Holistic healing* is about finding ones way and making choices. We recognize that no two people are identical. Therefore, treatments need to be individually tailored to be effective. The most informed person to make those choices is you. While we have the expertise to provide a wide range of health and wellness options only you can recognize what works for you, what meets your needs, improves your health, and supports your quest for wellness.

Our logo shows a lighthouse and a compass rose which are symbolic of the need for guidance when we lose our way. They also provide safety for those who are not lost but merely seeking signs they are on the right path. The sailing ship and the compass rose together symbolize options and choices. The ability to look at many options and choose a direction in life. It is also indicative of the notion that there is not one single choice or solution, but many options spread out both at any one time, and over time. At The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre we see health and wellness as a journey, not a snap shot. Come begin your journey with us today.

At the Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre “choice” means that we are open from 9 am to 9 pm. Providing our services on weekends and evenings. This gives you more choice and the option of building health and wellness into your life rather than it being an interruption to it.

Mike Buckley