More than a spa


Serving the whole person is key in what we are able to offer at The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre.

Unfortunately we live in a society that tries to deny the mind-body connection. We spend a fortune on cosmetics, weight reduction, clothing and activities designed to help us feel better… but we don’t. Or at least not for long.

Our concept is to provide services that blur the line between purely physical care and care for the mind, emotions, will, and spirit. When you connect this ideal with the concept of self service and choice you get a location that offers online booking of appointments, downloadable tips sheets, various helps and suggestions in blogs and video minutes, self- help and self-directed resources, and consultations with counsellors and therapists of many different backgrounds who all share the holistic approach to health and are available on site.

Unlike your counsellor, psychologist or other mental health professional we provide one stop shopping for body work, massage, and other relaxation therapies that you can use independently or as a part of your therapy process.

Unlike a standalone spa or massage business we have clinically trained individuals who can help if and when life problems start to interfere with your health and happiness or when physical therapies trigger emotional or mental responses.