Stepped Care

Stepped care is a philosophy of health care that takes the existing health care system and turns it upside down.

Many of us have had the unpleasant experience of seeking health care services only to be told we have to wait. Whether it is the family doctor, the specialist, or a clinic that has a waiting list measured in years not hours. We have all thought – “but I just need to ask a couple of questions,” or,” I just want to know… “ By the time we get the appointment we are not showing the same symptoms, don’t have the same concerns, and we have had to wait such a long time we may not remember what it was we wanted. On the other hand things may have gotten much worse and we wonder just what might have happened if we could have gotten even a little help that much earlier.

At The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre we believe in the concept of stepped care and a quick response. Rather than making everyone wait to see a specialist with a long waiting list we know that research shows that the vast majority of people can get their questions or concerns answered and make meaningful changes in their life with only minor input from a health care professional. We have an extensive lending library on site and an online resource centre that speaks to many of the issues that drag on a person’s health and wellness.


Whether it’s a blog, a video minute, a tip sheet, or a self-help guide that you need we try to provide a range of options that need only take up the amount of time you decided to give to finding your answer. We even have access to a range of counsellors and therapists who can provide anything from a short consult and advice (known as a brief or minimal intervention) to longer term therapy should you feel the need for such services. The choice, as always at The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre, is yours.

All our counsellors are licensed by the appropriate provincial regulating body and have met rigorous standards of education and practice. Consistent with our philosophy of choice we believe that the most important ingredient in a therapeutic relationship is your relationship with your health care provider. If you cannot for some reason connect comfortably with one therapist we will work with you to find a selection of others you can work with. Come look at your options today.