Stress Relief

Our lives are hectic and time pressured. The demands that we deal with on a daily basis are something our ancestors couldn't even imagine. Business deadlines, playing taxi for the kid’s activities, making meals, household chores, shopping, red lights, traffic jams, road construction, and missed meals. They all take a toll on us. If only we could fall into bed at night and get the sleep we crave.

But for many of us sleep doesn't come easily and we wake up in the morning tired and worn out only to have to do it all over again.

At the Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre we specialize in providing a wide range of therapies and treatments to improve your health and wellness. Relief can be obtained by giving you that break you need, by supporting relaxation and re leaving the tension in your mind and body.

Some methods of stress reduction are relatively passive and only involve showing up and doing the activity. An hour’s massage or specialized REST therapy may be very effective. On the other hand some therapies are more active and require learning new skills. We have therapists on site that can teach these skills and monitor your progress as you gain familiarity in using them.

Consistent with our logo and our philosophy of choice there are many options and treatments available to sooth your stressed out mind and body. Come in and begin your journey to a healthier and happier life.